Group Photo
From left to right: Lila Spitz, curator Jarod Kearney, Jonathan Hernandez, and Mary Fesak. Photo by Melissa Parent


 Project Members:

Lila Spitz checked out the equipment to complete the 3D laser scans and video interviews from the University of Mary Washington. She coordinated appointments with the James Monroe Museum and assisted with the video interviews. In addition, Lila wrote the transcriptions of the video interviews and the object bibliographies.

Jonathan Hernandez completed, edited, and uploaded the 3D laser scans of the objects using an iPad Structure Sensor laser scanner and SketchFab to host the scans. He was also primarily responsible for the WordPress website design.

Mary Fesak worked with Lila to conduct the video interviews. She edited the majority of the videos using iMovie. Additionally, she developed the object information for the website in consultation with the museum curator. She also photographed the objects and edited the images in Photoshop.



We could not have created this website without help from Dr. George Meadows, an Education professor at the University of Mary Washington, the staff at the James Monroe Museum and Memorial Library, particularly director Scott Harris and curator Jarod Kearney, and our Digital History professor Dr. Jeffrey McClurken.